Friday, 27 February 2015

James and Min Zin's Observations

We have noticed a few things about our plants.  

"I left my plant in the sun for the first weekend.  On Monday I found it was short and was darker and thicker than the others."  James

"My one was trying to catch the sun that's why it grew taller."  Min Zin

"The plants that don't get enough water look sad."

We did some research about how plants grow and found out:

  • Plants take energy from the sun to complete a process called photosynthesis.
  • Plants need different things to grow like sunlight, water, soil (or something to grow in like cotton wool for ours).
  • Some plants need more sun than others to grow.


  1. I have seen these amazing plants in your room. When will they be ready to taste?

  2. We all haven't tasted them yet. Sione did and said it was spicy! We have taken them home and there are only a three left if you feel like having a taste. From Min Zin


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