Sunday, 27 July 2014


Glen Innes turned on the lights for Matariki with a light trail through Maybury Reserve.  Mrs Buchanan and I, plus lots of Ruapotaka students were out and about too.
See anyone you recognise??

Also on show was artwork created by students from the area.  For more about these artworks see our blog post 'Ko Au Te Awa'.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Mascot

Who is the mascot of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games?

Meet Clyde, watch the videos to find out his story and how he was created.

Watch this video to see how Clyde was created.

Watch this video to find out about the story of Clyde.

Let the Games Begin!

Introducing the teams from Rooms Nine and Ten representing Africa, Asia, The Pacific, The Caribbean and Americas, and Europe.

As part of our inquiry unit for the Commonwealth Games Rooms Nine and Ten will be taking part in a variety of events as they participate in our very own games.  Meet the teams and check back in with us to see what they get up to.

Team Africa

Team Asia
Team Caribbean and Americas
Team Pacific
Team Europe

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ready for Term 3!

Room nine were straight back into action for the first day of term 3.

Room nine hard at work

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


The rain stops in time for skipping!

On the last day of term two Ruapotaka students showed off their skipping skills.  All classes took part in the endurance and the senior classes put on demonstrations also.  Here is some of the action.

Push-ups with the long rope, partner double dutch and clapping games while skipping were just some of the skills Room nine demonstrated! 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ko Au Te Awa - I Am The River

Eighteen students had a special lesson about the restoration of the Omaru River today.  From Room 9 this was, Popi, Harris, Sophie-Isabella, Soana, Pallas and Elaine. 
The river runs through Glen Innes and into the Tamaki River but it is very polluted, has a lot of rubbish in it, and the banks of the river are eroding.  The plan is to get the community involved by cleaning up the river and doing planting to stop the erosion.  This will help to bring animals back to this environment.
The artwork that we created today will be part of the 'Te Ara Rama Matariki Light Trail' through Maybury Park.
For more information on this project you can visit the link above and watch the video.
To create our artwork we completed these steps.

Drawing the artwork onto the bamboo.

Safely drilling holes into the bamboo.

The bamboo will have lights put inside it and will be lit up for the Matariki Light Trail.  Check the dates, you might like to go to some of these activities with your families.