Thursday, 5 November 2015

Where's Sione?

On Wednesday Sione got to take part in an amazing experience.  He was lucky enough to go with his rugby team to the All Blacks homecoming in Auckland.  
You might just be able to spot him in this video.  Find out more about this exciting event on his blog post: My Big Adventure.


  1. Kia ora Room 9, I like how you shared about Sione getting to do something special.That is exciting being on the stage with the All blacks.

    1. Hi Kuini, it would have been very exciting. I don't think I would have been able to stop smiling if I got to have that experience! Did you watch the Rugby World Cup games?

  2. G,day Room 9, Sione is very lucky to have an amazing experience. He must have had been proud to see the All Blacks in real life. We have spotted him in the video but have you?

  3. Hey Room 9, I never knew you had three Sione's in the class. Man you are lucky Sione but did you touch the cup. I think NA you didn't touch it.


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