Saturday, 23 May 2015

Anzac Learning


  1. Hi Miss Ginders, it's me Soana! The girl who used to be in your class last year, black hair, your best student, wonderful, last name is Telefoni? Yeah that girl, well she is me. I just wanted to say hi and see how your day is going because I miss you really much and you have been a good teacher to me. RI is a good school, I've made heaps of nice friends and I catch the bus. We have done lovely things like going on camp, we're going to go to Mangere Mountain and heaps of lovely other stuff. I know I'm typing this on my mum's account but she won't mind. Just remember: You will always be my number 1 teacher and I will always be your number 1 student. And do you know this girl named Allisa or Ellisa? She's my best friend. BTW: I could'nt find anywhere else to say this at a private spot but nevermind. I love RI just as much as I still love Ruapotaka.
    Bye Miss Ginders! ( I hope you still remember me )
    From Soana Telefoni

    1. Hi Soana, of course I remember you. I'm glad you are enjoying RI, it sounds like you are having loads of fun! Thank you for checking in on the learning we are doing in Room 9. Keep working hard!

  2. And also I love the ANZAC learning you and the class have did up there, it looks fascinating and wonderful! I'm lovin it! Beautiful work you did up there Room 9!
    Oh and it's me Soana again, ok bye


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