Friday, 16 October 2015

Back into Action!

The first week of Term 4 was always going to be busy, Room 9 were up for the challenge and it was an awesome week!

This Term we finish off our Rugby World Cup learning as we cheer for our favourite teams until the end.  We will be investigating how plants grow by replanting the garden outside our classroom. As well as all this we will be having a 'Book Week' and creating a library display about Paul Jennings, having a school poetry recital and finding time for all the other learning and fun that needs to happen.  


  1. Awesome Room 9! I hope to see all those events as we go along as well. But the one thing I have to ask is, who do you think is going to win the Rugby World Cup?

    1. I wouldn't like to say who I think is going to win the RWC! But... you have to believe in the skills of the All Blacks, they were looking great in the last game don't you think!

  2. Hi Kate,

    Your garden is looking wonderful. I I like how you have made your photos onto a collage so they are all together. How do you do this?


    1. Kia ora Maria,

      The collage has been made using picmonkey (free to use online). It was something that Fiona mentioned at a blog toolkit and is a great way of using a bunch of photos together. You might notice it being used on the Room nine student blogs.

      Thanks, Kate


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