Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Our inquiry topic this term is Pasifika.  The question we will be researching is:

How have people passed on their cultural traditions over time?

Our reporters this week were asked to bring in something that represents their culture, here are the wonderful items they brought.

What fantastic smiles!  Maranatha brought in her families tapai ngatu and a special vesa (bracelet).  Mele also had a tapai ngatu , a kickie fau, a kafa and a ta'ovala (which Harris is wearing for us).  Akanesi had a tapai ngatu as well and a kickie fau, and Harris shared some special family photos and had his awesome phone too.


  1. cool photo guys

  2. Wow you guys look awesome!

  3. Hi Room 9 it looks like you'v been learning about Tonga,its very good.

  4. Hello Room Nine! I like your Tongan patterns on the tao'vala (tapa). I like your stuff that you've brought to show us and I hope you bring more tapa to show us so we can learn how to draw beautiful patterns when we start drawing on the tapa cloth again. I wonder if we are going to draw patterns again?


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