Thursday, 25 June 2015

Madd Messenger

Today we had a visit from the Madd Messenger with U-talk.  They came with positive messages and encouraged us to...

  • Believe in ourselves.
  • Stay positive when others can be negative.
  • Never give up, keep working towards your goals.
  • Support others.
  • Challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be!
We really enjoyed our session and were so impressed with the AMAZING superhero art that was created, reminding us that we can all be our own superhero!

Watching the superhero art come alive in front of our eyes.
Talking with others about positive messages and what they mean to us.


  1. Hello Room 9
    I went to Madd Messenger too and the man told us about his life when he was a kid. He told us that there is special thing for us out there and be kind to each other. What did you learn at Madd Messenger ?

  2. Fakalofa atu, Room 9
    Did you like his superhero that he drew? How did you feel when you read the quotes?
    We would like to hear some of the things you learnt with the madd messenger.

  3. Bula Vinaka Room Nine . I really enjoyed the collage you have created about the Madd Messenger on Google Slides. We would like to know where he got the quotes from. I enjoyed the Madd Messengers quotes because it encouraged me to stand up for myself. Did you enjoy the Madd Messenger superhero artwork?

  4. Malo e lelei Room 9.

    We did that too and we had fun. Did you like the Madd Messenger artwork? I liked it and I think it looks very cool.He must be good at drowning.
    From Meafou.


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