Friday, 12 June 2015


We are having badminton lessons for four weeks. So far we have practiced badminton steps, hand grips and control of the shuttlecock using the racket.


  1. Bula vinaka Room 9. I hoped you enjoyed doing badminton. It was very fun and good to learn more and new badminton skills did you enjoy our coach Danny he showed us skills like back hand grip,for hand grip
    which one was your favorite ?
    From Dakbai

  2. Hi room 9
    I have be doing badminton too. That was really fun. I learn lots of skill too. How many can you do for back hand grid? Did you enjoy the badminton? I enjoy it.

  3. Hello room 9
    I have seen some great badminton warm ups. When I had badminton I enjoyed it and it was fun. Great effort and keep it up and did you have fun?
    From Lupe

  4. Kia ora Room 9, In the photo its look like use are having fun. We are learning badminton grips with coach Danny too. We are enjoying badminton what about use?


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