Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sharing About Ourselves

As we begin Term 3 Room 9 decided to start up class reporters once again. 
Joseph, Sylvia and Isabell brought some items from home to share with Room 9.  Family photos were common throughout.  Joseph also had some creative art work for us to look at, Sylvia had her camera which takes and prints photos instantly and Isabell who had recently been to Rainbows End also had her log flume snapshot!


  1. Wonderful Room 9, family photos are very special. I always enjoy looking at pictures from my great grandparents and grandparents. Was this photo taken using Sylvia's camera?

    1. Kia ora Mrs grant
      I didn’t take a photo on my camera because it is like the olden day cameras where you take a photo and it prints your photo except my one prints straight away . When you were younger did you have an camera like mine?

    2. Kia ora Sylvia, We had a camera but it used film which had to be taken to a photo shop to be processed and printed. We would have to wait for days to see our pictures and it was quite expensive too.


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