Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sharing our Smarts... Cybersmart Room 9

An exciting experience took place in Room 9 today.  Learners got the chance to run their own meeting with their family to share their cybersmart knowledge.  They had created a Wevideo (which you can view on their individual blogs) to share all they have learnt during the year in a digital immersion classroom.  And what a lot of learning they had to share...


  1. Well done Room 9! Wonderful to see you sharing your learning with whānau today. I was very proud to see how much of your learning you were able to share on your blogs. Also great to hear you talk about your cybersmart learning so confidently.
    Ka mau te wehi!

  2. Great photos of the families of Room 9. I am sure they learnt a lot about what all of you are doing on your chrome books. Keep up the good work Room 9

  3. Talofa lava Room 9, I see you were all happy taking your chromebook home. I hope you can be able to do that next year. There was a lot of happy faces. All with you family having fun. Well done!

  4. Excellent work Room 9 its wonderful to hear how confident you all are on your chrome books, looking forward to meeting all your wonderful parents next year for parent training with me, so you can take your chrome books home. Great stuff Ruapotaka !!
    Yayleen Hubbard
    Manaiakalani Whanau Learning Kaiarahi


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