Thursday, 26 June 2014

Future Transportation Projects

Inquiry topic: The Movement of People and Goods

By Joseph, Levi and Quros


Design a futuristic form of transport that runs by green energy like: wind, water or solar power. That carries six people and at least 3 suitcases and can travel over land, water and through the air.  

What we did

We had to start drafting our ideas, what would it look like, how would it do all the things it needed to?
We had to create a blue print of our vehicle and label the different features.
We needed to create an advertisement to show off this brand new invention.
There also needed to be a newspaper article that told people about the release of our vehicle.

We were able to present our designs in different ways.  Here are some of our newspaper articles.

 Amazing New Transportation Method Released Now!!!

6 MAY 2064

Thousands of people came to Brazil to see the new car at the FIFA arena the new vehicle is called the Flash 2064.
The FLASH 2064 is a new multi seated vehicle it is powered completely by solar energy.  This vehicle is very good for the enviroment. It can carry six passengers and has space for all your goods!!!
Not only is this vehicle environmentally friendly it also fly's, it can travel without gas, and it can travel on water as well as land!!!
Jakeip from Mexico told us,“How spectacular will it be to have one method of transportation…”
We seriously agree with Jakeip’s opinion.  It costs $118,699 so go out and get yours today.

Reported By Quros 

Suzuki Swift’s New CAR!
Suzuki Swift (a car company) has revealed their brand new car which is called Daffany. Today in Auckland City a lady named Tiffany is trying the new car by driving around in it.
The new car, Daffany, can carry 6 people and is able to fit 3 suitcases of goods if they are needed.
Not only can Daffany do that stuff, it can also fly, travel underwater and of course drive on land. Some people around Auckland would love to buy Daffany so they can travel around the place.
Katherine from Mt Wellington said “Oh my gosh, I should save some money right now!”
We all agree with Katherine and for only $16, 776 you can buy one too!

Reported by Soana

Super Submarine Shark

The Submarine Shark has been released today in New York City.  It has helicopter blades and did you know it also has wheels for land travelling and solar panels. 
Why does it have helicopter blades?  When there is a dead end and a mountain that is blocking your way, you can just fly over it.  The Super Submarine Shark runs by solar panels and uses the sun and moon to track the submarine, also when it travels on land.
It can carry more than six people, taking them many different places.  It also has a special hidden area to carry your bags and will fit more than three suitcases.
“It looks alright to me.”  Levi from the crowd told our reporters.
They will be available to buy from the 18th of June 2030.

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