Monday, 9 June 2014

How to make a weaving plate.

What you need:

Paper plate
Coloured wool
Pair of scissors

What to do:

Step One:
 Firstly, get your paper plate and scissors and cut small cuts 2cm apart all the way around the rim.

Step Two:
Secondly you get a very long piece of wool to make the X pattern.  About 2 metres.

Step Three:
Put the wool in the lines you cut around the rim and start making an X pattern by threading the wool across the plate, in and out of the cuts.

Step Four:
When you're finished making the X pattern tie the wool in a knot so it doesn't come off (this can be tricky you might need an adult to help). 

Step Five:
Get your wool (any colour - measure it twice the width of your arms) and tie it to the middle of the X. Weave the wool over and under the wool that made the X pattern, moving around and around the plate.  It will  look a bit funny at the start but it will look better once you keep going. 

Step Six:
When you are ready to change colour tie a new colour to the wool you are threading.

Your plate can have a repeating colour pattern if you like or it can be multi coloured.

By Anavea and Curtis 

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