Friday, 21 November 2014

Pacific Islands Research

Find out about the Cook Islands by viewing this presentation created by, Elaine, Anavea, Akanesi and Jamaine.

Or... learn more about Niue by looking through this presentation by Sophie-Isabella, Mele, Heilala and Harris.

For information on Samoa, you could look through the presentation by Maranatha, Soana, Joseph and Aydrian.

To learn more about Tonga view the presentation by Quros, Popi, Pallas, Tiperia and Tyla.

We really enjoyed creating these presentations and we hope you have learnt more about the Pacific Islands we researched.  We certainly did!


  1. Talofa lava Room 9, I really like your presentation. I think that you's worked really hard to present this presentation. How long did it take you's to create these presentation?

  2. Hi Room 9,I really like all of your presentations.All of use are very talented.They are very interesting and I could learn some new things about all these islands.Who made the idea of making them?


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