Thursday, 24 September 2015

Celebrating Success at the End of Term 3

We have reached the end of Term 3.  Room 9 have all worked hard and we celebrate some of their achievements.

Inter-schools Cross Country

Four exhausted runners at the end of races at Bailey Road School!  After weeks of training, they made it to the inter-schools cross country and represented our school well.  
Congratulations Meana, Lupe, Dakbai and Sione.

Homework A Grades

It takes consistent effort to complete your homework to a high standard every week.

In Room 9 these four have achieved A grades for the entire term by completing all tasks to their best standard each week.  

Well done Sione, Thanush, Meana and Min Zin.


  1. Congratulations Room 9, it is wonderful to read about your achievements and that all of your efforts have contributed to awesome results. Looking forward to Term 4.

  2. Shot sione its Paulo from wellington remember me miss youa


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