Thursday, 26 November 2015

Our Athletic Stars

Wednesday was the day for our school athletics.  The rain kept away, the temperature kept rising and our athletes ran as hard as they could.  Everyone tried hard and did their best.  Congratulations to our finalists, some of which who will be off to the inter-schools competition next week. 

Timote Junior 3rd place 75m and 100m
Dakbai 2nd 75m and 400m - 1st 100m
James 3rd 400m
Athens 2nd 75m and 100m
Meaalofa 1st 75m and 100m
Sione 1st 75m 400m - 2nd 100m
Meana 3rd 75m and 100m

This video shares only a small sample of our afternoon.  

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